SMS screw mixer

Area of ​​application of mixers:

Mixing food loose components:

  • mixing spices and preparing seasonings;
  • food flavoring additives;
  • food concentrates;
  • baby nutritional mixtures;
  • vegetable and fruit mixtures;
  • preparation of phytocha powders, coffee drinks (3 in 1);
  • milk mixes for ice cream;
  • confectionery and bakery mixes;
  • mixing of dry cereals, muesli, fast food products, dry soups;
  • sports nutrition, dietary supplements.

Mixing pharmaceutical preparations:

  • preparation of tablets, herbal preparations;
  • mixing of medicinal herbs;
  • mixing of granular components;

Preparation of perfumery and cosmetic mixtures;

Mixing chemical preparations:

  • mixing household chemicals (washing powders, detergents);
  • plant protection products, antiparasitic products;
  • preparation of mixtures based on PVC, decorative granules;
  • mixing of pigments, PVC-plastisols, paint;

Preparation of compound feed:

  • mixing fish feed.

Additional Info

  • Characteristic
Tank capacity, dm321044070010401600
Recommended load, l/kg (max)120/105240/220400/350600/520900/800
Productivity, kg/hour(max)6001100150020003000
Cycle mixing time, min2-102-104-125-155-15
Working body formtape, spiral blades (screw type)
Availability of autoreverse
Agitator rotation frequency can be adjusted by the Customer
Installed power, kW345.57.511
Overall dimensions1.65*0.9*1.71.8*1.0*1.82.15*1.2*1.82.2*1.3*1.92.4*1.4*2.0
All parts in contact with products are made of food grade stainless steel.
  • Job description

Mixing of components occurs due toopposite multidirectional movement of flows (four multidirectional flows). On the other hand, reverse rotation of the tape screw is provided, i.e. all 4 streams change their direction. Thanks to this, high-quality uniform mixing is achieved in a short time (2-10 minutes).

The mixer is equipped with a programmer, on which the rotation cycle of the tape auger is set (the tape auger rotates in one direction at a given time, pauses and rotates in the other direction), in addition, the total mixing time is set . If necessary, a high-speed turbine for breaking lumps is autonomously started from the control panel.

Our company has developed a unique system of uniform, dosed injection by spraying (fogging) of various liquid components, such as oil, dyes, flavorings, concentrates. The degree of spraying and dosing is smoothly adjustable.

In the basic configuration, the mixers are equipped with an unloading sector flap with which you can regulate the supply of the mixed product into a bag or other container. During the unloading process, you can open and close the unloading sector flap without stopping the mixer.

  • Features
    • Uniformity, homogeneity of product mixing (96-98%);
    • Low blending time.
    • High performance with small dimensions;
    • No “dead zones” in the blending chamber;
    • The tightness of the faucet.
    • No sawing in the blending process;
    • Thoughtful system of shaft seals and bearing units;
    • Convenient cleaning of the working area of ​​the mixer;
    • Possible dosing of liquid components by injection through nozzles;
    • If lumps are present, the mixer is equipped with high-speed turbines to break them up;
    • Convenient and fast download.
    • Programming the blending process;
    • Only quality and tested components and materials are used;
  • Complete set
    • sifters of bulk products;
    • screw dispenser in the finished package;
    • a complex for dosing and weighing components;
  • Opportunities

stirring for 2-10 minutes