Sunflower harvester 6m

With the help of a harvester, the harvest can be harvested earlier – immediately after the ripening of the seeds, without waiting for the stalks to dry completely. The efficiency of the harvester allows you to harvest 20% faster, without causing stagnation, and also to start pre-sowing preparation in time. Fuel consumption is reduced by an average of 2 l/ha 3 with the INTAGRO-6.0 harvester, it is convenient to process the edge of the field or start harvesting from the middle of the field without increasing crop losses. 3, the harvester can harvest sunflowers sown in a continuous manner with the same success. Connecting the harvester to the harvester does not require hydraulic and electrical connections. It is aggregated with imported and domestic combines.


• intended for harvesting sunflowers of ordinary and continuous sowing

• the simple design of the drive of the working bodies will reduce the maintenance time

• the planetary drive reduces the load on the knife head and extends the service life

• adjustable distance between lifters

• protective visors prevent the emission of sunflower seeds

• adjustment of the angle of inclination of the harvester

• the simplicity of the drive and the moderate weight of the harvester allows you to significantly save fuel


• simple design of the mechanism

• planetary knife drive

• the possibility of equipping with the original drive Schumaher

• three-bladed reel with toothed cover

• reinforced frame

• protective cover of the feed reel

• powder coating long-term protection against corrosion


Width of capture 6 / 7,4 / 9,1 m

Working speed up to 10 km/g

Transport speed up to 40 km/g

Transport speed up to that 250-800 mm

Step along the axes of stem lifters 228,6 mm

The number of double strokes of the knife from 600 dv.h/m

Weight 2000;2470;3040; кг

Drive type MPN (Poland) or Schumaher (Germany) The drive of the scythe is carried out by a reliable planetary mechanism, due to which it was possible to achieve a rectilinear course of the knife, thereby making it impossible to beat and vibrate, which has a destructive effect on the harvester.