PURPOSE: used for harvesting corn cobs and grinding stalks.

INTAGRO is a corn harvester and is designed for harvesting corn with the collection and subsequent threshing of the cobs, crushing and spreading of the leaf mass on the field.

The harvester has a strong frame, individual safety clutches of each circuit, each cutting block is equipped with pulling shafts and two “butterfly” knives for better cutting of the stem, a device for pressing the stubble to the ground. All this makes it possible to increase the variable productivity of the combine by reducing the number of passes and turns when harvesting the field.

  • Rigid frame design simplifies operation and maintenance
  • Auger of increased diameter with high productivity ensures uniform, uninterrupted and careful supply of mass
  • Chain drive – reduces the weight of the harvester and makes it easy to operate
  • Reducers are made of aluminum – which significantly reduces the weight of the harvester and fuel consumption
  • Safety clutches on each reducer – allow you to protect the cutting block individually
  • Rotor safety clutches (shredded) – protect the rotor from damage
  • Self-sharpening knives with a hard alloy coating – for a long service life of the cutting block and a high-quality cut.
  • Adjustment of the angle of the beam – the possibility of adjusting the angle of the harvester and the height of the cut
  • Stubble clamping device – reliable protection of combine tires
  • The harvester adapts to any harvester of imported and domestic production
  • Cutting height from 8 cm * (provided the soil is perfectly prepared), which reduces the number of post-harvest processing operations.
  • Strong frame of rigid construction
  • Individual safety couplings of each circuit
  • Universal hanging frame for any combine harvester model
  • Each cutting unit is equipped with thrust shafts and two butterfly knives for better stalk chopping
  • Device for pressing the stubble to the ground

Warranty up to 24 months and post-warranty service. Factory stock of spare parts and components with prompt delivery.