Harvester roll cutter

It is intended for harvesting grain, cereal crops, sown herbs.

Жниварка валкова начіпна


  • Reinforced frame construction;
  • Knife bar with the use of profiles of increased section;
  • Modern gearbox of the drive of the harvester;
  • Improved variator group;
  • Elastic connection of the conveyor shaft with the reducer;
  • Six-foot lightweight winder with plastic rake;
  • A simplified system for changing the angle of attack of the rake;
  • Knife drive belt tensioning mechanism using a bypass pulley;
  • Improved mechanism for tensioning the chain drive of the reel;
  • Conveyor belt;
  • Simplified conveyor belt tensioning system.


  • A stronger design of the harvester without a significant increase in weight;
  • Compact and reliable drive, which allows you to protect the harvester from jerky loads;
  • The ability to work with low-growing, fallen and leguminous crops due to smoother feeding of the mass, easier setting of the angle of attack of the rake and safety and easier location of the rake even near the cutting device;
  • The possibility of collecting sown herbs for haying.