Capture width – 9.3 m.

Designed for pre-sowing cultivation of all types of mineral soils immediately after plowing or other basic tillage to a depth of 0 mm to 100 mm. In one pass across the field, it provides complete preparation of the soil for sowing, combining cultivation, loosening, leveling and pre-sowing soil compaction with the creation of a compacted bed for seeds in the sowing layer.

Gripping width, mm 9.3
Productivity, ha/h to 8.5
Working speed, km/h to 14
Transport speed, km/h 20
, mm Ø
Shaft diameter, mm 0
Weight, kg 7000
Tractor power (not less), hp from 260
Overall dimensions
in transport position
in working position
Length, mm 7000 7000
Width, mm 3000 9300
Height, mm 4000 1800