The cart is universal

The universal 2-axle cart is designed for transportation of domestic and imported grain, corn, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower harvesters. Thanks to the freely adjustable supports, the cart can be adapted to any model of the harvester at the customer’s request. Maneuverability is achieved due to the reinforced turning circle. The stable turning mechanism ensures maximum stability and ideal movement along the tractor’s trajectory.


  • strong construction with a rigid beam
  • four supports for the harvester
  • support beam for the cutting device
  • adjustable by the angle and extension of the support
  • adjustable rear axle
  • hubs of trucks of small places, beams, harvesters, carrying capacity
  • retractable drawbar


  • versatility
  • reinforced frame
  • uniform load on axles and axles
  • the front axle is on a hinge that allows you to take
  • terrain and reduce the load on the axle itself.
  • the difficulty of transporting harvesters with a floating knife
  • the cart has two axles that allow it to adapt to the road surface
  • turn the wheels by 90 degrees
  • adjustment of supports for correct landing
  • compact storage


  • The number of supports is 4 (adjustable) pcs
  • Load capacity up to 4000 kg
  • The length of the transported harvester is from 6 to 11 m
  • Transport speed 25 km/h