Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity

When plowing, the plows produce loosening of the soil and its intense coloring, as a result of which the volume of pores in the processed layer increases many times. In the process of plowing, the natural compaction of the upper soil layer is disturbed, and the internal capillaries are destroyed, as a result of which the treated layer is saturated with air and warms up faster. As a rule, in intensive crop rotations, there is not enough time for soil settling and natural soil compaction. Because of this, it is necessary to prevent drying of the plowed layer.

It is recommended to use soil compactors during plowing together with the plow. The joint use of a plow with rollers ensures the rolling of the processed layer precisely at the time when the soil is still in a wet state and can be compacted to the full depth of plowing. At the same time, good coloring of the layer with the formation of a fine lumpy structure is ensured, which allows to restore capillaries and ensure the approach of moisture to the seed bed, as well as to exclude drying of the plowed soil. It is especially effective when preparing the soil for rape, when it is very important to preserve moisture in the absence of precipitation.

Main technical characteristics K2U
Working width of grip, mm
Number of disks, pcs
Weight (calculated), kg
Number of rows
double line
O-ring diameter, mm
Track pitch, mm
Aggregation method
towable, mounted
Required power of the tractor, HP
from 80
Overall dimensions in working position:
length, mm
width, mm
height, mm

After the passage of the sealing rink, the capillary channels in the rooting layer are restored, as a result of which it prevents the soil from drying out and activates the action of soil microorganisms. And large lumps of earth are also destroyed.

The feature of the design of the sealing slide allows you to adjust the working width of the grip by simply screwing or unscrewing the discs between them, which makes it possible to use it together with a plow of any width of grip. The large thickness of the disks in the zone of main wear ensures a long service life of the sealing roller.

The shape of the discs and their profile has a unique way of connecting with each other, guaranteeing the highest strength and reliability of the weapon, minor wear and tear even when working on stony soils. Since there is no central axis in the design of the sealing slide, it excludes clogging of the space between the rings with soil. In addition, the additional installation of hard wear-resistant wipers, made in the form of a rubber web tape, ensures the roller works without clogging. The pitch of the disks in one row is 200 mm, and the pitch of the ice rink is 100 mm.

The skid is supplied for working in a hitch with a reversible plow or on the front suspension of a tractor with a disc diameter of 700 mm and a profile of 45 degrees.

The trailing drawbar of the roller is adjustable in length and height. The height of the point of connection of the drawbar to the catcher of the slide is adjustable and can be set for different plowing depths.

Plow with roller

This combination is effective, saving at least one tractor pass during future pre-sowing preparation.

Applying a pressure of more than 70 kg on each wheel, the wedge-shaped discs easily make their way through the furrows of the plow and at the same time crush lumps, level and compact the soil. This ensures a quick recovery of the capillarity of the soil.

Advantages of combining a plow with a K2U roller:

  • Economic efficiency due to combining two units thereby reducing costs by more than 30% (saving time, fuel consumption, etc.).
  • Unsurpassed test result compared to traditional trailer rollers.
  • The best way to achieve early germination.
  • Reduces problems associated with post-sowing droughts.
  • Readiness for sowing on light and medium soils.
  • Reduces the time to prepare the seedbed on heavy soils.
  • Convenient and safe during transportation.