We provide service.
We use original spare parts and consumables for sunflower harvesters.

Types of repair work:

  • defect detection (detection of malfunctions) of the harvester
  • full or partial replacement of the bottom of the harvester
    Every broken INTAGRO harvester that we take in for repair is completely repaired in our own workshop. First, the harvesters are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects. Then the drive components and bearings are checked for their efficiency, the harvester is adjusted correctly and all worn parts are replaced. Finished products are painted.

We are sure that the performance of refurbished harvesters is not inferior to new harvesters. With the help of repair, you can restore the resource of harvesters up to 95%. INTAGRO service and repair specialists have the necessary qualifications. The cost and terms of repair work are determined in advance.

Original spare parts are always in stock:
bushings, sprockets, chains, knives, oil seals, gears, washers, shafts, plates, rings, keys, knife nut covers, etc.
In order to find out which part is necessary for a particular breakdown, as well as the cost of repair work, contact professionals.
Contact us and we will provide professional advice.