About us

We regularly ask ourselves this question: who are we and what can we do? And every time the answer to it becomes more and more difficult, as the concept of “we” grows in the number of its members, and “we can do” expands in scope and knowledge. But one thing remains obvious: we are a whole collective, a team united by a single goal and single preferences. We love what we do and do everything with love.

Intagro is a team of professionals capable of solving almost any task in the field of agricultural products of any configuration and complexity. And this is not self-praise or an advertising slogan that sets us apart from our competitors. We went to the realization of this act for many years, always trying to adequately assess our capabilities, and the accumulated experience clearly shows that in a beloved business, with a clearly set goal, the limits of the impossible go far beyond the horizon.


For several years of its activity, this production has grown from a “knee-high” scale and the simplest installations into a full-fledged production complex capable of producing automated lines of any level of complexity. To date, we have our own engineering and design base, production areas consisting of a metal cutting and chopping section, a press-rolled section, a welding and soldering section, an electrical workshop, a turning-locksmith shop, a pneumatic-hydraulic section, an assembly section and commissioning, as well as a warehouse of goods stocks, a warehouse of finished products and a training ground for the demonstration of manufactured equipment.

We manufacture more than 20 types of agricultural equipment in many countries of the world.