Laser cutting of metal

1.5 kW thermal metal cutting machine. The dimensions of the working field are 3000x1500mm. The maximum thickness of sheet metal is 16 mm. Positioning accuracy up to 0.01 mm. Cutting can be done with oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air.

Additional features

  • cutting of square and round pipes
  • sheet metal perforation
  • marking and engraving

CNC sheet bender with a maximum force of 63 tons. The maximum thickness is 6 mm. The maximum length of the part is 2500mm. A wide range of bending options (radius, single-angle, multi-angle, etc.).


With MIG/MAG/FCAW/MMA 323 semi-automatic welding machines. Thanks to high production control, we guarantee the execution of work in the shortest possible time and of high quality.

Our company also provides engineering and technical support services to our clients on the basis of its own design bureau.