Hammer mill

A hammer mill is a piece of equipment used for grinding dry bulk products, powders, pharmaceutical granular additives, chemicals, dry herbs and roots, etc.

Additional Info

  • Characteristic
Productivity, kg/hour≈ 200 – 250450-600
Faction size*, MK (min) (adjustable)4040
Volume of loading hopperagrees with the Customer
Availability of a latch from the loading hopper to the shredder
Electric motor power, kW7.511
Voltage, V380380
Availability of variable sieves, mm0.5; 0.8; 1.6
Overall dimensions (L*W*H), m0.84×0.6×1.71.0×0.8×1.9
Weight, kg285450
*Fraction depends on product and performance; The number of Fractions and the caliber are agreed upon when ordering  
  • Job description

The basis of the working mechanism of the mill is metal plates (hammers) made of strong metal.

Principle of operation the mill is based on product grinding due to rotating hammers. The product from the storage hopper enters the working area of the shredder, the hopper has a gate valve with which you can adjust the flow of product entering the shredder. After grinding, the product passes through the calibrating mesh and enters a bag fixed to the grinder bed.

  • Features

Hammer grinder  is well suited for obtaining fine grinding, dust-like fraction. The size of the fraction can be adjusted by the speed of rotation of hammers and sieves. Granular products, grains, various herbs, roots, seeds for obtaining tablets, crystalline materials such as salt, sugar, coal, chalk, etc. can be crushed on a hammer grinder.

Thanks to the presence of replaceable sieves, the hammer grinder allows you to obtain a product of different fractions.  

The crusher allows you to obtain a fraction of up to 100 microns.

  • Complete set

Due to the different design of shredders, we can choose the appropriate design and grinding principle for your product. 

To capture dust (fine particles of the crushed product), the mill can be equipped with a dust collection system.

  • Opportunities

productivity (kg/hour) 200-600