Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity

Working bodies are made of cast iron, equipped with wedge rings of a smaller diameter and toothed rings – of a larger diameter.

Applied before sowing and for leveling the surface, breaking up lumps and restoring the soil structure. It can also be used after sowing, which helps to obtain friendlier seedlings and accelerates vegetation.

Suitable for all types of soil.

Benefits of use:

– leveling the field surface and breaking up lumps;

– improving the contact of seeds with the soil;

– moisture retention;

– reduction of soil erosion, as well as improvement of soil structure.

A distinctive feature of the roller is the use of leveling slats (boards) for crushing lumps, filling furrows and leveling the surface.

Installation of the leveling board further increases the tillage effect. The leveling board crushes the breasts on the surface of the soil to reduce their size, and is also used to break down the hard crust, which gives the potential for crop growth. Since the force of the weapon is directed forward, you get intensive cultivation without overturning the soil.

The leveling bars consist of S-shaped struts made of special high-tensile spring steel 80×10 and replaceable wear parts made of wear-resistant Boron steel.

Rolling is a great opportunity to clean the fields from stones that came to the surface of the soil during its preparation or frost. With additional equipment in the form of stone boxes installed on the Roller, you can quickly and easily collect a large number of stones.

After rolling, the field is ready for sowing or harvesting without the risk of damage to the equipment.

Gripping width, mm 6000
Productivity, ha/h to 7.2
Working speed, km/h to 10
Transport speed, km/h 20
Wedge disk/Gear ring, mm Ø 520/530 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 4300
Tractor power (not less), hp from 120
Overall dimensions<
in transport position< in working position<
Length, mm 3900 4100
Width, mm 2400 6300
Height, mm 2630 1300