Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity

Working bodies are made of cast iron, equipped with wedge rings of a smaller diameter and toothed rings – of a larger diameter.

Applied before sowing and for leveling the surface, breaking up lumps and restoring the soil structure. It can also be used after sowing, which helps to obtain friendlier seedlings and accelerates vegetation.

Suitable for all types of soil.

Benefits of use:

– leveling the field surface and breaking up lumps;

– improving the contact of seeds with the soil;

– moisture retention;

– reduction of soil erosion, as well as improvement of soil structure.

Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity.

An excellent feature of the roller is the use of a wedge-shaped KZK ring with a diameter of  F360 with freely sliding intermediate&nbsp ;toothed rings of KZK F370, < /em>which rotate freely on bushings, installed between wedge rings, which significantly increases the reliability, durability and maintainability of the roller.
Application ofrings of wedge-shaped KZK F360 with toothed rings of KZK F em>370 in roller rinks with a grip width of 9.2 m made it possible to make the roller rink a highly efficient unit due to:

– elimination of the effect of the “ridge” of the earth due to an increase in the diameter of the working organs;

– denser rolling of the soil;

–  more complete grinding of heavy lumps of earth.

During the production of the rink, structural changes aimed at increasing reliability and durability were implemented:

-adjustment of the axial clearances of the working bodies without disassembling the bearing unit;

-strengthening of the frame in highly loaded nodes;

-increasing the rigidity of the rink structure due to stretch marks;

-use of quick-release connections;

-application of the improved design of the hinged frame assembly.

Treatment of the soil with this skate improves the inflow of moisture to the seed, reduces its evaporation, improves the contact of the seed with the soil and accelerates its germination, which leads to optimal emergence of seedlings and sustainable development of the crop.

Technical Specifications
Gripping width, mm 9200
Productivity, ha/h to 11
Working speed, km/h to 12
Transport speed, km/h 20
Wedge disk/Gear ring, mm Ø 360/370 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 3500
Tractor power (not less), hp from 100
Overall dimensions
in transport position in working position
Length, mm 6500 3580
Width, mm 2280 9380