The roller is toothed and ring-shaped


  • The power of the tractor is 80 hp.
  • Working speed 10 km/h
  • Productivity 7.2 ha/h
  • The width of capture is 6 m
  • Weight 3200 kg


The roller is intended for pre-sowing and post-sowing rolling of the surface layers of the soil for the purpose of their compaction and crushing of lumps, partial leveling of the soil surface.

The frame of the toothed ring roller is universal, it can be used to install the working bodies of all types of rollers.


The skating rink is equipped with working bodies made of cast iron (wedge rings of a smaller diameter and toothed rings of a larger diameter.)

It is used before sowing and for leveling the surface, breaking up lumps and restoring the soil structure. It is also possible to use the rink after sowing, to obtain denser seedlings and accelerate vegetation.

Suitable for all types of soil.

Advantages of using:

  • leveling the field surface and breaking up lumps;
  • Improving the contact of seeds with the soil;
  • moisture retention;
  • reducing soil erosion and improving soil structure.
    • Aggregation method is adhesive.
    • The depth of soil compaction is 4-7 cm.
    • Working width of capture – 6 m.;
    • Diameter of rings:

Gear – 470 mm;

Klinchaste – 460 mm;

  • Weight – 3200 kg.
  • Tractor power from 80 hp.
  • Productivity of the unit is 4.8-7.2 ha/h;
  • Working speed 10 km/h;

Transport speed up to 20 km/h.