Shredder roller (with straight and staggered arrangement of knives)


  • The power of the tractor is 80 hp.
  • Working speed 12 km/h
  • Productivity 4.8-7.2 ha/h
  • The width of capture is 6 m
  • Weight 2200/2500 kg


Intended for crushing plant residues of sunflower, corn, rape and other crops. Shreds the stubble into fractions 5-12 cm long, which has a favorable effect on the soil structure, fills it with organic matter, partially loosens and removes weeds. The high efficiency of shredding residues helps to increase the level of metabolism in the soil.



The shredder of plant residues has a working width of 6 m, weighs 1900 kilograms, is used for tractors of the 1.4 ts class.

  • Shreds plant remains;
  • Partially mulches the soil;
  • Contributes to the delay of moisture evaporation;
  • Regulates soil temperature indicators;
  • Prevents the growth of weeds;
  • Protects the soil from weathering;
  • Saturates the soil with organic matter.


    • The width of capture is 6 m;
    • The height of the knives is 120 mm
    • Productivity – up to 7.2 ha / h;
    • The speed mode of operation reaches 12 km / h;
    • High-speed transport mode reaches 20 km / h;
    • Diameter of roller with knives – 46 cm;
    • Weight – 2200 kg, when adding water – 2500 kg;
    • It is used in tractors with a capacity of 80 l / s;
    • During the transport position, it has the following overall dimensions – 480 x 250 x 160 cm.