Capture width – 4 m.

The unit is designed for pre-sowing soil cultivation when growing crops and performs in one pass loosening the soil, cutting weeds, leveling the field surface, rolling and compacting the lower soil layers at a moisture content of up to 27%, with a hardness of up to 3.0 MPa, along a slope up to 6 degrees, not clogged with stones, as well as heaps of plant residues or weeds. Soil cultivation to a depth of 0 mm to 100 mm. The unit is designed to work with tractors of class 2 and 3, and other models of a similar class.

Gripping width, pc 4000
Productivity, ha/h up to 4
Working speed, km/h up to 14
Transport speed, km/h 20
The number of racks – arrow C, pcs 18
maximum permissible slope, ℃ 6
Weight, kg 3400
Tractor power (not less), hp from 90
Overall dimensions
in transport position
in working position
Length, pcs 6200 6380
Width, pcs 2900 4060
Height, pcs 2770 1400