Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity

After passing through the roller, the soil is characterized by a loose structure and prevents the formation of a surface crust. Discs effectively break up clods without clogging due to soil sticking. After the passage, the soil becomes well fragmented. It has increased penetrating ability and pressure on the soil and at the same time provides high-quality mulching of the soil surface.

Ideal for pre-sowing, post-sowing and eastern rolling, while compacting the lower horizons of the soil as actively as possible, without mixing and does not bring moisture to the surface.

High quality performance of the technological process is achieved with optimal soil moisture.

Technical Specifications
Gripping width, mm 6000
Productivity, ha/h to 3.5
Working speed, km/h to 10
Transport speed, km/h 15
, mm Ø 520 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 45
Weight, kg 1850
Tractor power (not less), hp from 80
Overall dimensions
in transport position in working position
Length, mm 4480 4480
Width, mm 6100 6100
Height, mm 520 520