Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity

Smooth water-filled slide is designed for compacting the surface of the soil layer before or after sowing, rolling in green fertilizers before plowing. The cylinders are filled with water. By changing the amount of water, the specific pressure of the rink on the soil is regulated.

Soil rolling is a mandatory tool of resource-saving agriculture to increase productivity.

The working width of the grip is 9.2 m, the weight of the rink is 1890 kg, it is equipped with cylinders with a diameter of 470 mm, it is aggregated with tractors of class 1.4. It is possible to use the rink in combination with a disc harrow, seeder or cultivator.

During the production of the rink, structural changes aimed at increasing reliability and durability were implemented, which made it possible to make it a highly efficient unit due to:

– elimination of the effect of the “ridge” of the ground due to the increase in the diameter of the working bodies from Ф426 mm to Ф470 mm and lengthening of the drawbar;

– denser rolling of the soil due to an increase in the mass of the roller when filled with water;

– strengthening of the frame in highly loaded nodes;

– increasing the stiffness of the rink structure due to stretch marks;

– increasing the rigidity of the rink in the transport position due to the screed;

– use of a wheel hub made of high-strength ВЧ-50 cast iron;

– fixing the bearing housing to the frame with four bolts;

-use of quick-release connections;

-application of the improved design of the hinged frame assembly.

Treatment of the soil with this roller improves the flow of moisture to the seeds, reduces its evaporation, improves the contact of the seeds with the soil and accelerates their germination, which leads to optimal emergence of seedlings and sustainable development of the culture, reduction of erosion processes, which allows to obtain an increase in yield up to 30% . .

Technical Specifications
Gripping width, mm 9200
Productivity, ha/h to 5.2
Working speed, km/h to 10
Transport speed, km/h 20
Cylinder, mm Ø 470
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 1460
Tractor power (not less), hp from 80
Overall dimensions
in transport position in working position
Length, mm 6480 3480
Width, mm 2280 9240
Height, mm 1500 1010