Front loader

Designed for loading and unloading of bulk materials and delivery of various agricultural cargoes

  • Solid rigid frame;
  • 0.9 m3 bucket;
  • Support stands for easy attachment and storage;
  • Hayfork and hay stacker;
  • Aggregation with 1.4. class tractors
  • Quick-detachable mounting mechanism;
  • Sidewall metal thickness: 16 mm;
  • Boom metal thickness: 5 mm;
  • Equipment with a spontaneous detachment preventer;
  • Availability of a hydraulic lock;
  • Stabilization of the bucket position regardless of a boom lifting height;
  • Boom design ensures good visibility for the driver;
  • Replaceable tools and equipment (according to the customer’s request*) – lifting crane for big-bags; hayfork; fork lifter.