Intended for crushing plant residues after sunflower, corn, leveling and partial mulching of the field surface.

Crushing plant residues and partial mulching of the soil delays moisture evaporation, regulates the temperature of the surface layer, restrains the growth of weeds, protects against weathering, and enriches the soil with organic matter.

Working width of capture 3.2 m.

Capture width, mm 3200
Productivity, ha/h up to 4.5
Working speed, km/h until 18
Traffic speed, km/h 20
Diameter of the chopping drum with knives, mm Ø 470 ()
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 900
Tractor power (at least), hp from 40
Overall dimensions
in transport position
in working position
Length, mm 1550 1950
Width, mm 3200 3200
Height, mm 1200 1200